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Welcome to RJN Cua Vineyards, where the deep devotion to viticulture flows across generations. With family heritage tracing back to Oenotria, or ‘the land of trained vines’ in Italy, our family now lovingly cares for vineyards spanning for miles across Sunraysia (Vic) and Mundubbera (Qld).

We believe that working alongside Mother Earth to craft heavenly fruit involves equal measures of science and love.

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Quality Australian grapes,
all season long

We have thoughtfully selected a complementary range to ensure Australian families can enjoy locally-grown fresh grapes from November all the way through until June. Our first harvest begins with the enormous white Ivory Seedless. We wrap up with the aromatic red Crimson and the deliciously sweet white Luisco. Some delicious varieties, such as Autumn Crisp, only stop by for a few weeks – so keep an eye out for your favourites!

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Autumn CrispDecember - May

Sweet, mild flavours with subtle hints of muscat. Delicious!

Candy HeartsFebruary - May

A sweet, distinctive lychee flavour.


Candy SnapsFebruary - April

Sweet, with strawberry undertones.


Cotton CandyMid February - Mid April

A uniquely sweet cotton candy flavour, like summer afternoons at the carnival.


Sweet CelebrationDecember - March

Amazingly fruity and deliciously sweet.


Sweet GlobeDecember - April

Not too sweet; a deliciously mild fruit.


Sweet NectarDecember - January

A beautiful muscat flavour is described to be of rose petals and sweet citrus.

Sweet SapphiresDecember - April

Richly sweet flavour, similar to a black plum.


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If you’d like to ask us anything about our grapes or where to find them, you can reach us here. We’d love to hear from you!

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